NLP is the science of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language, and behavior to produce the desired results.

Program your Mind to Program Your life is a unique program on NLP which helps participants to unleash then mind power and overcome the limiting beliefs and get a breakthrough in life.

N=NEURO The way how we use senses to create & understand our experience of the world.
L= LINGUISTIC The way how we communicate with others & with self
P=PROGRAMMING Results we obtain due to the connection between neurons and language.

According to Psychology Today magazine “NLP is the most powerful behavioral science on the planet today

NLP can be used for 2 main reasons:

Personal Development
To work with other people in an effective way.

NLP can be applied in the following areas:


Counseling, coaching and therapy to accelerate changes with clients by looking at the processes that underlie a particular pattern, emotion or habit.


Education and training to promote and accelerate learning and memory. NLP is also a valuable tool when it comes to training and teaching design methods.


Personal development to remove negative emotions and patterns and promote confidence and self esteem. NLP also has tremendous applications in goal setting..


Sports to enhance performance.


Parenting, learning how to foster good, clear communication with your children right from the start.


Business to promote good communication and negotiation strategies including sales and management skills.


Communication, to acquire excellent communication skill

5 days Course which empowers you with concepts of NLP to get productive results in your personal and professional life

Basics of NLP

Goals achievement & Rapport

Presuppositions of NLP & Anchoring

Representational systems & Sub Modalities

Neurological levels, Overcome Fears, Phobias & Past painful memories.


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Meet Our Trainer

Mr. Venu Kalyan

Mr. Venu Kalyan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the nation’s No.1 Life and Business Strategist. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations and organizational turnaround. Mr.Kalyan has empowered more 10 lakhs people in just 5 years and his energy, the style keeps his audience spellbound.

Mr.Venu Kalyan is the C.E.O and Founder of UNIK LIFE Pvt Ltd. The fastest-growing Multinational company in India. He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as Creative Mind Power, Student Mind Power, Parenting Seminar, Money Attraction, Memory Power, Train The Trainer and many more…In his mission to continually impact the lives of people, Through his training by a wonderful platform called Train The Trainer with this program till now Mr.Venu Kalyan had trained more than 100 trainers throughout India.

As a philanthropist, Mr.Venu Kalyan feeds 10 lakhs people in different states just within five years and he also initiated programs in more than 500 schools, 1000+ educational institutes and 500 service organizations and he also organized several blood donation camps. Today he is one of the youngest motivational trainers in India with the fastest-growing seminars to help people move closer to their goal of true financial freedom. Over 10,00,000 participants have come from all over India to attend Mr.Venu Kalyan’s seminars. His events change people’s lives.

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